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Eddy’s work has been shown in a range of galleries throughout Australia, including the Australian Aboriginal Art Gallery. During July 2010, Eddy’s works were exhibited in Sydney, in a special NAIDOC exhibition of Wilcannia arts. Eddy’s artwork has also been published in the book ‘Art of Broken Hill, Outback Australia’, where he is featured alongside many other prominent Australian artists. Eddy’s most renowned art works include ‘Wiimpatji Hunting Birds’ and ‘Thunchly Hunting’. As the Wilcannia representative of the Regional Arts Board, Eddy’s role is to promote other local artists to get their work seen beyond the region. In addition to being an artist, Eddy is currently employed as the Project Support Worker for the Community Safety Research Project for Wilcannia, Broken Hill and Menindee. The project is a partnership between Maari Ma Primary Health Care Service and the University of New South Wales. Eddy is an active community member, where he enjoys mentoring new residents to Wilcannia. Eddy thanks the ROC, especially the local ROC team, for giving him the opportunity to be involved in having a local Closing the Gap design. Eddy is able to create one off works and can be called upon to do private commissions. Eddy is also an accredited national parks adviser and is a cultural interpreter for the area. Drawing on these skills he will offering a guided tour of the property to show off the local flora and fauna, bush foods and medicine as well as sites of cultural significance including cutting tools, cooking areas and other artefacts which links back into the art and artefacts he creates. The tour take approximately 2 ours to complete and provides valuable insight into the local area. Tours will be offered Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and additional tours scheduled when booked ahead of time. We look forward welcoming you to Warrawong and the Bakandji lands and hope you can take the time to learn about and enjoy the area.